Create a culture of prevention through dialogue and a sense of fairness

“Courage is what it takes to stand up and speak, it’s also what it takes to sit down and listen.” Winston Churchill

Omega-Ombudservices is a conflict prevention and resolution consulting firm that provides neutral, unbiased third-party services to a variety of organizations. Our range of services allows you to establish an ongoing dialogue within your organization to prevent the escalation of tensions and optimize your organizational health.

We believe that an organizational approach that fosters a sense of fairness is essential to:

  • Create an environment that respects the diversity that resides within it.
  • Prevent psychosocial risks to psychological health and reduce the direct and hidden costs related to work presenteeism.
  • Encourage and recognize the potential of each of its members.
  • Optimize its decision-making process by encouraging the participation of all stakeholders.
  • Promote trust within your organization, which facilitates consensus, engagement and productivity of its members, in addition to developing its resilience.

Omega-Ombudservices offers customized services that accounts for the specificities of the area of intervention in order to effectively meet the needs of the organization.


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The Ombuds concept is very versatile, allowing for the prevention, management, and resolution of tensions and conflicts. The Ombudservices are deployed according to the needs and capacities of your organization.

The term “Ombuds” translates from Swedish as “mediator” and the concept has long been associated with a mechanism to ensure fairness in large-sized corporations.

This service is now available for small and medium-sized organizations!


Our mission

Through listening, counselling and informal intervention, the Ombuds provides a safe and confidential space in which community members can discuss the difficulties they are experiencing in their work environment. Through their action, the Ombuds facilitates:

  • Self-directed tension resolution.
  • Guidance on how to manage difficult conversations.
  • Informal intervention to resolve difficulties in a way that fosters trust between parties.

Transparency of the service is guaranteed by the production of periodic anonymous reports to management, informing it of the interventions carried out by the Ombuds and the risk factors identified.

The Ombuds’ interventions are intended to be sensitive, compassionate, fair, and concerned with providing a sense of justice to all stakeholders.