Our values


Our conclusions are based exclusively on an objective analysis of the facts and evidence gathered. All parties involved are given an equal opportunity to explain the allegations against them.


People and situations are approached with the consideration and sensitivity necessary to make their experience constructive. We consider the dignity of individuals, assuming that attitudes and actions are taken in good faith. Our job is to understand the reasons behind them, to approach them without judgment, and without endorsement or validation on our part.


To ensure the trust of the parties, we explain the course of our intervention as well as its limits. We manage their expectations and report on our actions and decisions, subject to confidentiality obligations.


We act with accuracy, precision and regularity. Our analysis and conclusions are based solely on the facts and evidence gathered from all parties.


We strive to understand the values, interests, needs and emotions of the people we meet, as well as the reasons behind their decisions and attitudes in a given situation.


Professionalism and integrity guide our actions.