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Ombudservices are, first and foremost, a vision of equity and humanity that is surprisingly versatile. They are particularly relevant in managing, with the required sensitivity, situations involving sexual misconduct.

This approach relies on the sense of fairness of the parties involved, but also of the community as a whole. It allows for the implementation of formal and informal intervention processes that are human and aware of the reality of the different parties. It also helps develop a culture of prevention, ethics and dialogue; reduce hidden costs, both financial and human; and improve processes and policies within your organization.

Added value for the members of your community:

  • Having access to a safe, confidential and non-judgmental space to discuss the difficulties they are experiencing in the workplace.
  • Getting advice on the best methods to manage a difficult situation independently.
  • Providing managers with conflict management advice for sensitive or difficult conversations or interventions.
  • Benefiting from a safe, restorative and sensitive informal intervention that promotes fair and discreet resolution of difficult situations, including sexual misconduct.

Added value for your organization:

  • Encouraging the development of a culture of prevention, trust, and dialogue.
  • Emphasizing the importance of ethics within your organization.
  • Significantly reducing direct and indirect costs related to stress.
  • Preventing organizational risks and those related to psychological health.

To learn more about the costs of unresolved conflicts and the overall advantages and benefits that such a service could bring you, click here!


Ombudsperson services

“Develop a culture of prevention and dialogue by offering customized Ombudservices to your employees and managers!”

Take preventive action in your organization by providing an informal conflict management mechanism where members of your organization can be heard, advised, and supported for informal intervention.

This service undeniably contributes to strengthening members’ trust in the organization, while also positioning it as an employer known for the quality of its organizational climate!

An Ombuds provides members of your organization with confidential access to a neutral and impartial dispute management professional to advise, support, and guide them in managing the tensions or difficulties they are experiencing, as soon as the first signs appear.

The approach valued by the Ombuds is one that is human and fair, and that fosters the autonomy and accountability of the parties.

Mediation sessions can also be held when the right conditions are met to have a constructive dialogue in order to find a fair agreement between the parties.

The Ombuds works closely and transparently with the organization’s management.

A customized program is established according to your objectives and the specificity of your organization. Contact us for more details!

Guidance on sexual misconduct for managers

Dealing with complaints or situations of sexual misconduct can be difficult due to the sensitivity and the volatile nature of the subject.

Therefore, it is imperative that the response from the responsible manager fosters the trust of the parties involved, but also of their entire community.

To ensure that you implement such a response, contact us for advice on the best way to act.

We will support you in implementing a response that is fair and equitable, while being human and thorough, and preserving the relationships within your organization.

Trauma-informed investigations

Making a formal complaint in the workplace can be difficult, even traumatic for complainants. A trauma-informed investigation process implements a process that takes into account the consequences that this stress can cause, while ensuring that the investigation is impartial and fair to the parties involved.

This type of process ensures that appropriate measures are implemented to protect the complainant during the investigation and that the final recommendations include restorative measures to ensure that the direct environment of the parties can provide a safe and healthy return to work for all.


Preventive and restorative mediation

Degraded relationships have a direct effect on the parties and the quality of their work but also on the environment in general.

Thus, mediation allows the establishment or re-establishment of a relationship or communication between two or more people where the quality has deteriorated.

Through the presence of a neutral and impartial third party, the parties are brought together to discuss the problematic situation and identify possible solutions for a lasting resolution.

This approach allows the parties to prevent their relationship from deteriorating further due to existing tensions or to repair a relationship that has been challenged by a formal complaint.

Coaching for internal investigators

Conducting a proper investigation without solid experience and expertise can be stressful and overwhelming.

By having an experienced person with them every step of the way, the investigator can both conduct the investigation independently and receive guidance and feedback on their questions as they arise.

This is an effective way to receive customized investigative training while building on the inherent qualities of the in-house investigator, and at a lower cost!